adjective /traɪˈæŋgjələt/ (say truy'anggyuhluht), /-leɪt/ (say -layt)

1. triangular.
2. composed of or marked with triangles.
verb (t) /traɪˈæŋgjəleɪt/ (say truy'anggyuhlayt) (triangulated, triangulating)
3. to make triangular.
4. to divide into triangles.
5. Surveying
a. to survey (a region, etc.) by dividing the area into triangles and measuring the angles of these triangles.
b. to determine trigonometrically.
{defs 1 and 2 (adjective) Medieval Latin triangulātus; defs 3–5 (verb) Latin triangulum + -ate1 (def. 4)

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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